How WCT Started


Established in 2007, World Champ Training has challenged fitness levels of adults and student athletes within the Dallas / Fort Worth area. World Champ Training first launched as a sports training platform assisting athletes develop their skill sets to become a dominiant athlete in their sport. NIKE SPARQ program was introduced and our athletes began to improve in their speed, power, agility, reaction and quickness and soon after World Champ Training athletes were recognized as elite athletes.

WCT Today


World Champ Training now operates within a 4,000 square foot facility in Dallas, Texas offering individual personal training, sports development, weight loss, body building programs, gym memberships and much more. World Champ Training is a Christian faith based small business with a passion to help others become the healthiest and strongest version of themselves.



WCT is one of the most focused driven sports enhancment organizations that I have seen in a while”


WCT really takes the time to evaluate your individual fitness and nutrition needs. They are very positive and informative. My son and I are blessed be be training at WCT


WCT is the best training facility for young athletes. I am very proud to have my son to attend training under WCT

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